Dusted Wax Kingdom – The Trip-hop Netlabel

(click here to watch on the Vimeo site: http://vimeo.com/rumena/dustedwax)

running time: 17:05 min.

Some people collect records. Mitko is different – he collects artists.
Find out what drives the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel and meet one of the people
behind modern Trip-hop in this 17-minute short documentary.

The Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, based on the Black Sea coast in Varna, Bulgaria,
has been releasing Trip-hop music for over five years.
Everything they create is shared for free with their listeners,
spreading the love and passion for old-school samples and beats.

Some of them only do it for the fun; others are making great money
out of a new and unique business model.
Find out how they create, why they release their music independently
and what inspires them to keep going.

This is the first ever documentary film about a netlabel, made in Bulgaria.
It is released under a Creative Commons license.

The film looks at the digital phenomenon of netlabels,
using the Dusted Wax Kingdom as a case study.

It features a high quality, free, fully Creative Commons licensed Trip-hop soundtrack
with unique music from the netlabel.

To find out more about the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, visit dustedwax.org

If you enjoyed the film, please share it and help more people find out about this unique music.


Memory Artefact – Process and development + assorted notes

Five days before the Memory deadline, I had no idea what I would do. But instead of sitting quietly in the corner, I decided to just say I don’t have a clue and see what comes out of it. It happened during a development workshop, and I ended up in a conversation with my tutor about my concept of memory, how I keep memories, that the last 5 years of my life have been mostly ‘living out of a suitcase and a laptop’… Having no place to call yours means you don’t want to accumulate stuff, and you need to justify each possession you have for its functionality first, and then any emotional value.

So in the digital age, this means digitising everything that could be digitised, storing and backing up as much information as possible ‘in the cloud’, and literally living online. I recently came up with the phrase ‘Home is where my email is’, and in my case it can’t be closer to the truth.

So having all this in mind, and keeping the very basic meaning of the word ‘memory’ as in keeping memories, and also as the technological, digital meaning of ‘bits and bites of data and storage’, I started developing a few statements and asking questions that might help shape an idea.

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For Assessment – 5. Conclusion

During the last 10 weeks it was expected that a further and deeper understanding of the three concepts of Power, Spectacle and Memory would be developed. The emphasis was on theory and practice within contemporary mediated culture and with a strong focus on producing original work inspired and informed by those ideas. In addition, these tasks were designed to help in improving skills in Research and Development and to demonstrate the significance of having a strong idea combined with good preparation and timely execution.

The most important lesson here is that simple, straightforward ideas, when pursued properly, work much better than too ambitious but not well developed ones. These tasks also helped identify interesting directions for further research, both academic and within professional practice and production. What is more, they were extremely helpful in creating the mindset of coming up with an idea, developing it and producing a final piece within a defined, short time scale. The process, though repetitive in terms of time and basic outline, would always be different; the short time between the three similar tasks meant that lessons learned while producing the first piece would be applied in producing the next one; and mistakes made in the second one would be easier to avoid in the last artifact. The exercise also helped move from overthinking to ‘just doing it’.

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