Directing for Drama and Working with Actors – A Few Notes

We just finished the Directing Actors workshop, run by Film Nation. It was an intense day, running from 10 am till 4 pm. We had the chance to work with a professional camera operator and two actors, taking us through the process and giving us tips and advise.

The workshop started with a few icebreaking games which I thought was a brilliant idea – it really improved the energy in the room, and made everyone feel more relaxed and open. We were then given the script for our exercise – a three page scene called ‘The Double Blind Date’, about a girl and a guy meeting each other on a blind date, but both expecting someone else. First the actors just read through the script, but of course there was no real performance – they needed more. So we started inventing the back story of this scene, thinking about their ‘wants’, ‘needs’, their ‘objectives’ and ‘obstacles’.

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