361MC – Music in the film

The music in the film is telling a story. It helps the narrative, pace, it is making a point… It is not just an illustration – it is a character.

Since the film is about a specific Trip-hop netlabel, it only made sense to use music from their artists. The decision came easy and logically, also because the music they release is available for free under a Creative Commons license, and can be used in non-commercial projects (like mine).

I am currently discussing with the netlabel if we can release the soundtrack as one of the netlabel’s official releases, and to include it in the catalogue. That needs to take into account what has been scheduled to be released for the following months, and also how to best promote it.

Here is the track list from the film:

  1. Jenova 7 And Mr. Moods Introspect feat. Hugo Kant
  2. Jenova 7 – Dusted Wax
  3. Esbe – Behind Closed Eyes
  4. Skipless – Alter
  5. Anitek – Rooftop Serenade
  6. Frenic – Money Ain’t No Women
  7. Josef Blo – Sunshine feat. Jean Paul Maurice
  8. Frenic – Things Get Better
  9. Aparde – Ian Is An Astronaut
  10. Boogie Belgique – Stairway To The USSR
  11. Mononome – Fools Rush In
  12. Anitek – Here Comes the Rain feat. Tab
  13. Aydio – XHD
  14. Frenic – Open Door feat. Crids and Holly McDade
  15. Esbe – Thank You

Any thoughts?

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