Update on the FMP idea & thinking process

So far the project is in a ‘thinking’, researching and ‘idea development’ state, I’ll hopefully be meeting Dimitar from DWK this month to exchange ideas and see what comes out of our conversations.
I feel like it will be a very collaborative film, having lots of people from the community helping out with ideas, interviews, and hopefully video material – maybe contributing a single frame, or a shot of a significant location, or a whole interview.

I’m already thinking about ways to do that technically – in terms of FTP servers for footage, file sharing etc.
I’m a DIY geek and making simple stuff work is my second nature…

Ideally I also want to build a community of people interested in it either as collaborators or viewers – a Facebook page or something (tbc).

I intend to produce a 20-30 minute film and maybe a 10-minute shorter version – subject to change.

I think the majority of the work here will be in pre-production, research, conversations and trying to come up with a good angle for the film.

I believe if I know what I am after, the material will come easy – but I’ve had bad experience with shooting too early without a good preparation, ending up with a lot of material and no story – so I want to avoid this situation in such a big project.

So far it seems the more focused the better – so I will probably concentrate on the DWK label and just the trip-hop angle.

I am after an interesting story / characters (ideally both) to keep the viewers interested – I know that no matter how visually engaging a film is, the story is what matters.

What is more, I am inspired by people and stories so the more we get a feel of what can be said, the better.

Two people I’d probably need to have interviews with are Dimitar and hopefully that crazy Anitek guy from Switzerland.


Any thoughts?

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