Netlabels documentary – further research resources

I was recently added to the internal Dusted Wax Kingdom Facebook group, by the label’s manager. This is helping me explore what is happening, how their community is discussing things, what and how they talk about, etc. I’ve also been able to dig out an interview with one of their trip-hop artists discussing the concept of trip-hop and the relationships between music and film. (Jenova 7 is also a filmmaker)

Sadly, the interviewer is not very good, but still Jenova 7 is able to give some very interesting answers.

In one of them, he mentions an album that is supposedly the first trip-hop album ever released:

‘DJ Shadows Endtroducing…..’…..

(sidenote quote from Wikipedia: The album has been cited in Guinness World Records as being the first album created entirely from sampled sources)

‘That was the first album […] to be entirely composed from samples, and there’s a sort of a philosophical aspect to that – you’re re-contextualising the past, you’re paying homage to artists from the past, but you’re adding a new context with it, you’re making it more relevant to the present day. […] It was the definition of trip-hop, it caused journalists to create the word trip-hop, and that was 1993 so it’s almost been 20 years.’


Any thoughts?

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