FMP – quick note

Just a quick note before I forget. Making a documentary about netlabel(s) in Bulgaria, along with all the research involved, would be quite a good way for me to get more familiar and involved with the music industry / community in Bulgaria. I have always been very interested and have been following Bulgarian producers and how they make the business happen, and I remember I was working closely with one of the major representatives in Bulgaria – and I was interested in working *in* the label. Recently, combining my knowledge and interest in marketing & adversiting + media production, I’ve developed an even deeper interest and understanding of how things work. It would be a nice by-product of my FMP work if I get closer to working with and for the Bulgarian music community.

This might sound a bit obvious, but I’m trying to fit my interests and activities with a career path that would suit me. Even though I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m working at the moment, it’s not close enough to my heart, while music is closer – it would be great if I can combine all this together.


Any thoughts?

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