FMP – netlabels documentary – even more assorted notes

I spoke to Pete Woodbridge today, lecturer in Open media in our Media & Communication department. It was quite helpful to talk to him about my idea, as he is very familiar with the digital distribution, self-publishing, and creative commons / remix topic.

Here are my notes from the meeting, in a totally random order. Even more random than the way I was taking the notes.

– book to have a look at – ‘Directing the Documentary’ by Michael Rabiger
– Matt Mason & Cory Doctorow / Clay Shirky – possible opinion givers for the documentary topic
– what is the biggest risk with a project like this? – the potential of making a dull and boring film. I need to keep the audience’s attention and make them feel like watching a 10+ min documentary is worth it. Note from me: it needs to be a film my mum and brother would find interesting not only because they’re family 😀
– possible funding option – IEMS up to £ 2-3 k – via the Centre of Disruptive Media?
– good idea to keep a project notebook / production folder – so maybe not just the blogposts, or at least print them all out and put them in a folder / notebook
– international angle of the film – not focused on the Anglo-American part of the world & culture – good to base it around a Bulgarian label.
– something to check out: wreck-a-movie
– collaborative film? Incentive for people to join? Hit the labels? What would they want out of a film like this? How can we help each other?
– How can *my* style as a creative producer / filmmaker inform and enrich the film?
– The Wealth of Networks
– what is my position? Critical standpoint?
– bring the music into the film? Live performances?
– it’s about me learning about the topic
– insert ‘how-to’s? How to use a sample?
– How do I make it into a *visual* story?
– 1 big question / main narrative + 3-4 additional threads
– stay authentic, keep it authentic
– Canadian Film Board? Raindance? – for resources
– example: organising event to ‘cultivate the culture of this music & lifestyle’
– follow a story / action / journey? First ever netlabel festival?
– FMP – say something new; be original; experiment with the form
– follow a crisis / conflict / story? What’s the story? What’s the conflict? What am I trying to say? What’s happening? (Action based)
– not just interviewee – think of them as a *character*


Any thoughts?

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