FMP – netlabels documentary – update on my brainstorming / thinking process

A general note from my tutorial with Martyn Lee: in order to approach a topic like this, I need to be prepared. I won’t necessarily need most of my research to actually *be* in the film, but I will definitely need to get my research in place and start asking questions to my interviewees *informed*. It seems it’s still too early to plan shooting dates, etc., while I’m still figuring out what this film would be about.  I can’t plan the questions I would be asking and I can’t be sure if the answers I get would be good unless I have figured out how I want to shape the film, who I am talking to and what the film is trying to say.

So I won’t be thinking about equipment and / or production just yet. If anything, I could probably do with talking to some of my potential interviewees in a more relaxed context, just asking general questions, probably only taking a small dictaphone to record their answers for reference. This sounds more realistic and, most importantly, it would mean I can feel at ease with the project once I go into production, making sure I approach my subject matter and my potential interviewees informed and prepared, with the respect they deserve.


Any thoughts?

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