FMP – netlabels documentary – more notes

Today I spoke to Martyn Lee, lecturer in Sound & Music in our department, to discuss possible directions and research ideas for the project.

Here are my assorted notes:

– Self-published music producers & their experience of promoting the music: it’s too much for one person to do with all the distribution, publicity, marketing etc.

Maybe get the perspective of someone who’s gone the traditional route of music labels, then netlabels, to compare and contrast the experience & results?

– Potential people Martyn Lee can put me in touch with: the basist of The Specials talking about self-packaging their album, and Mark Thorley from the Music department, talking about digital music production

– Maybe go the route of ‘case study’ with one netlabel (especially if I focus on trip-hop) and compare & contrast it with the way Massive Attack / Moby release their music; another possible example of self-published? – Olafur Arnalds on Erased Tapes records.

– background research on independent labels – late 1970s evolution; Rough Trade, Stiff? possible examples

– Punk /DiY philosophy

– to watch: Punk Britania on BBC iPlayer?

– CDBaby for distribution of independent music – possible example?

– the political side / sharing an opinion with the world side of self-publishing

– Are netlabels invisible? Why? invisible? suppressed?

– case study: Bandcamp


Any thoughts?

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