FMP – netlabels documentary – additional research & brainstorming notes

It’s always a bizarre feeling when an idea is still with me a few days after initially conceived. Not only that it’s with me – I’m actually working on it, and thinking a lot.

Here are some additional notes & links to check out to help with my research.

– speak to lecturers at uni to discuss idea & logistics – Pete Woodbridge, Martyn Lee, Ken Fero, others from the Music departments with more ‘contemporary’ approach to music research?

– discuss idea with potential ‘audience’ – friends & contacts who are interested in this kind of films and music; I need to decide who I am talking to so I know how to ask my questions, what directions to dig deeper into, what to leave out of the film & interviews, etc.

– find out what similar films are there and what angle hasn’t been covered – I can already see that my initial research sources have a very different approach to mine, talking about music as a business; should my film try to get away from the ‘business’ side of things and focus on the ‘art’, ‘self expression’, ‘collaboration’, ‘sharing’ sides of the story?

– collect thoughts & possible interviewees (or at least people to do background research with) from the netlabels & self-published artists – to get a ‘feeling’ of the vibe and try to portray it accurately in the film.

– watch videos by those artists to get a feel of the visual treatment of their work and the visual style this music is associated with.

– see what people from the ‘industry’ have to say about netlabels – focusing on the Creative Commons community: Vimeo Music Store and its sources –, the Free Music Archive, SmartSound, AudioSocket, Jamendo.

– check links & ‘netlabels’ search results on &

– Rhizome interview with Jason Sigal of the FMA:

– – Shared Culture CC film (to watch)

– Free: the future of a radical price (Chris Anderson)

– Free culture (Larry Lessig)

– Clay Shirky – Here Comes Everybody

– – record store documentary – style & distribution

– The Pirate’s Dilemma (Matt Mason) – available in the Library


– Where do netlabel artists hang out? maybe?


Any thoughts?

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