201MC Professional experience – list of my 20 working days

Since I didn’t go through a formal placement or internship, my work experience days are all over the place – so I decided I’d put them up in a tidy list and link the relevant blog posts here.

  1. WW1 Hut Documentary – Recce + Announcement Filming
  2. Big Screen Video Blogs – Swimming Recce + Filming day
  3. Data Journalism Podcast Production – Tom Farmery + Les Reid
  4. Data Journalism Podcast Production – Richard Aucock + Tim Sparks
  5. Data Journalism Podcast Production – Donal MacIntyre + Annie Othen
  6. Big Screen Video Blogs – Canoe + Canoe Spring Filming days
  7. Big Screen Video Blogs – Volleyball Filming day + Rhythmic Gymnastics Filming day
  8. Big Screen Video Blogs – Equestrian Filming day + Diving Filming day
  9. CU Marketing – Flash Mob + Student Experience Interviews Filming day
  10. BMW / Mini Olympic Athletes – Dan Greaves Training Filming
  11. BMW / Mini Olympic Athletes – Dan Greaves Interview Filming + Yvette Baker Interview Filming
  12. Recruiting Peers for Media Projects
  13. Some Thoughts on Helping Peers, Saying No & Dropping out of Media Projects
  14. ‘RR How to Make a Video’ Pre-production day
  15. ‘RR How to Make a Video’ Production day
  16. ‘RR How to Make a Video’ Post-production day
  17. Big Screen Video Blogs – Table Tennis Cutaways Filming day + Interviews Filming day
  18. Sound Directing for Video Production – Martin Rusev + Brindusa Ioana Nastasa
  19. CUSU International Experience Video Pre-production + Cutaways filming (The Hub)
  20. ‘Behind the Monastery Walls’ by Brindusa Ioana Nastasa – Post-production Supervision

Any thoughts?

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