Some Thoughts on Helping Peers, Saying No & Dropping out of Media Projects

I feel I also need to include a point that might sound a bit dangerous to discuss – unpaid projects. I have noticed that the projects where the most problems arise are big, unpaid projects involving lots of people. Students jump on them because they seem like an easy way to put a big name on their resumés, and organisations like saving a few pounds from the budget by not having to pay for the work. I agree it is a good learning experience, but more and more I am starting to feel that getting yourself involved in such projects brings low impact and lots of unrecognised effort. What is more, the imbalance of responsibility and engagement in such projects is huge, with a handful of people doing all the work while they need to deal with a big gang that isn’t as engaged or motivated, that often creates more problems than it helps solve. What is more, in projects the organisation is not paying for, their engagement is also often low, which results in unclear briefs, bad communication, stress for the core team, and lots of stress. The quality of the work suffers as result, so the client ends up with something that took a lot of people and time to produce, doesn’t look as they wanted, and cost lots of energy to manage. I feel that I should keep away from such projects from now on, and make sure I only join projects where my involvement would make a difference – both to me and the client. I also feel that smaller projects are where I can have the most impact, so I will aim to focus on those. What is more, I have already started to notice small paid projects tend to involve less work, more focus, less people, working more effectively, clear boundaries what you have to do and what you don’t have to, and can easily lead to future work from referrals, repeat orders and happy clients.


One thought on “Some Thoughts on Helping Peers, Saying No & Dropping out of Media Projects

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