Recruiting Peers for Media Projects

As good as this sounds, a problem I have faced with the additional contacts is that often the events the team contacts me to cover clash with other commitments, so instead of showing up and delivering yet another project, getting paid and producing something with high quality and impact, I found myself turning a lot of these opportunities down and having to find someone else to cover the events for me. This made me notice how hard it is to refer people, how much goes into saying someone is the right person for the job, and how little the number of people on the course is that can do the job. When an event needs filming, there is always a good selection of capable and reliable camera operators to do the job – but when it comes to audio recording, the situation isn’t that great. Even though I am well connected with the media production students from year 2 and year 3 (and even some from year 1), I always struggle to find someone suitable for the job. And it’s not about people’s engagement or reliability – it’s just the lack of sound recording skills in the course. There are literally no more than 10 people between year 2 and year 3 that understand sound well, and even most of them have had no experience with the wireless microphones and the equipment normally used at these events. So I am thinking of organising a skills instruction myself where I take people through the basic things to be considered when using the sound equipment, explaining a few technical details and rehearsing typical situations and setups. I am in no way saying I know everything about sound, but from working extensively as a sound operator and editor and having made lots of mistakes that I learned from, I feel I can help people on the course get a better understanding of the basic things to consider when they need to work with sound.


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