Creative Activism #creativact – my 7 challenge responses & additional tasks, presentation, and 5 blog posts for assessment

I thought I’d put together a neat blog post where I list all the relevant posts for assessment.

Challenge 1) Provoking truths with imagery

Task 1 #creativact – Provoking truths with imagery. Things that bother me in our world.

It contains my image, analysis about its relevance and impact, plus a breakdown and explaination of the main topics I identified that I wanted to cover in my #creativact project involvement.

Challenge 2) Ongoing – #creativact community participation

I have been actively posting links to my blog and other online resources on Twitter, have been often featured in the #creativact daily publications, sometimes making the Top stories. I’ve also taken part in discussions on the #creativact Twitter and Facebook accounts, and posted comments and feedback on other people’s work on Flickr and Vimeo.

Challenge 3) Case study – Group task

This was a group task, and the brief said we should post it on one of our individual blogs & then tweet it. Here are links to the blog post on Adina’s blog and then the tweet:

Case Study – McDonald’s

Twitter link to case study

Week 2 – Additional Task – Feedback on other people’s work from Week 1 (Flickr / provocative imagery task)

Provoking truths with images. Highlights from the group pool.

Challenge 4) Remix / Subversion

#creativact Remix Task – Piracy

Challenge 5) Empathy / Positive Impact Documentary

Protesting ACTA – documentary task for #creativact

Additional blog post on empathy / religion:

Empathy task – Religion and atheism

Week 6) Comedy and satire – Fake news task

Coming up with fake news for #creativact – Cheesus Christ

Challenge 6) Creating real impact

Your Own Personalised News Report – Christina Hammond

Challenge 7) Flash mob – Audio Cheque

I was involved with creating the video itself (I was a sound recordist from the audio / video team), here it is:

Flash Mob task – Audio Cheque

Challenge 8) Presentation

#creativact final presentation

Blog posts for assessment

Process / Development

Empathy task – Religion and atheism




Reading ACTA. Some assorted comments from my Twitter feed

Evaluation / Reflection

Provoking truths with images. Highlights from the group pool.


Tricking perception using marketing and advertising. Can it be used to do good?


Any thoughts?

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