Your Own Personalised News Report – Christina Hammond

What would happen if all the news were personalised entirely for you? Here is what the news report could look like on Christina Hammond News – reporting entirely personalised content for this aspiring filmmaker who is trying to make a film on the Moon.
Watch out for Neil Armstrong (Location Manager) and his report!
A short and not entirely serious task conceived, filmed and edited in 4 hours. Group members: Rumena Zlatkova, Jack Harris, Andrew Veremu.

[edit from 22 March:]

This video received some very unexpected responses. The first one is here, in the comments, by Georgi – it provoked him to think about the focus of today’s news.

I posted it on Twitter, and it got a few retweets from my media contacts, that weren’t familiar with the brief and context of the task.

Another interesting comment I received was from one of my Twitter contacts (and media law specialist) Emil A. Georgiev (@reguligence):

@rumena_zlatkova That’s, IMHO, the future of news coverage since the Internet sets nearly no limits in terms of information access.

@rumena_zlatkova Well, that’s how I’d like to be served with information – from pre-selected sources of interest and at the time I’ve chosen

That was, indeed, the purpose of the video. We wanted to illustrate how the news of tomorrow can be personalised – similar to the Facebook /Twitter / RSS & social media News Feed, which serve you only news from sources and topics you have chosen, this might later be the case with video & TV based news reports.

The ‘not entirely serious’ part of this video is the character – after we decided we’d go ahead with the idea of a personalised news report, we had to come up with a character who’s watching the news and for whom they are personalised. People on our course would probably recognise who Christina Hammond, the aspiring filmmaker, is based on – our dear friend Chris Hammond πŸ™‚ Part of the impact / reaction this video received (and was designed to provoke), was his reaction. The video wasn’t intended to mock or offend – on the contrary, our intention was to show everyone can be inspiration, even if we don’t always realise or appreciate it. I’m glad to report Chris’ reaction was positive, and he did indeed feel honoured by this gesture πŸ™‚

So in reflection, this short video didn’t have big reach – but we all know there are videos with big reach and low impact. For me, it is more important that even though its reach was small, the impact was big and positive.


3 thoughts on “Your Own Personalised News Report – Christina Hammond

  1. I like the idea, think it is cool and provocative. Congratulations!
    Makes you think what is the focus of the news, to whom are targeted, what is their purpose etc.



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