NUFilm Productions – The Actor. Equipment List (Provisional)

2 x AKG C1000 microphones

1 x Arri 800W Redhead Lights

2 x Boom Pole

1 x Clapperboard

1 x Dedo Lights

1 x FlexDrop Collapsible Background

1 x Gels

1 x Glidetrack Hybrid Slider

1 x Hague shoulder mount collection

2 x Headphones

1 x Jib (K10)

1 x JVC GY-HM700CHE Camera

1 x JVC LCD Video Monitor

3 x Mains Extension Lead

1 x Manfrotto 114MV Dolly

1 x Manfrotto HDV501/503 Video Tripod (large)

1 x Manfrotto HDV503 Track Tripod

1 x Marantz PMD 660

1 x Memory Card Reader

1 x Mic Stand – Long

1 x Reflector – Gold / Silver or White / Silver

2 x Rifle Mic

2 x SanDisk Extreme3 SDHC 8GB Card for JVC

1 x Shure SM58

1 x Steadicam collection

1 x Track

1 x Vlock Battery for JVC LCD Monitor Collection

3 x XLR Cables 3PIN M-F

1 x Zoom H4N Audio Recorder


Any thoughts?

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