Coming up with fake news for #creativact – Cheesus Christ

Man Sees Christ in Cheese

On Friday of last week Mr. James Toolsdale in Kangaroo Bay was making a lunch time snack, when to his surprise reaching for the cheese to put in his sandwich he saw the ‘Holey’ face of Jesus Christ! He immediately rang the press and within hours thousands turned up and sang in ‘Fromage’ to the cheese. He later told the press although it was only a ‘Brie-f’ encounter it was enough to certify his belief in God. Mr. Toolsdale’s neighbour Antoine Beheir simply said ‘oh dairy dairy me’ after several of the pilgrims stepped on his prize petunias. When asked will he eat the cheese, Mr. Toolsdale replied ‘Oh Cheese us Christ – I could never!’

Follow up on this story at @holeycheese & #cheesuschrist


In the 6th week of our #creativact project, we spent the day discussing comedy. This piece of fake news was one of our tasks, for which I worked in a group with Alexander Holland, James Dove and Sunil Singh. It was one of the first ideas we came up with, we immediately fell in love with the idea of someone seeing Jesus Christ in yet another everyday object, and decided it had to be cheese. We used a lovely ‘newspaper cutout generator’ tool to write up the text we came up with, then photoshopped a (clearly fake) photo of a Jesus face in cheese, combining two images.


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