Protesting ACTA – documentary task for #creativact

Here is a short documentary piece we filmed this weekend.

Me, Jessica Dash and Helena Borthwick went to Birmingham’s Victoria Square to capture the protest against ACTA. Sadly, there were only 7 people protesting, and most of them were Eastern European.

Sadly, because in Central and Eastern Europe there were quite big protests. In Bulgaria, 17 cities joined the demonstrations, including my small hometown. In Sofia alone, more than 5000 people (some report 8000) marched the streets.

Here is some footage from the Sofia protest, to illustrate the contrast.

[edit from 22 March:]

Our simple video has a life outside the #creativact module. I had exchanged contact details with the guy on the tall bike that we interviewed (he wanted to see the finished piece), and when the video was ready, I emailed him the link. He posted it on the Facebook event page for the protest, and it got a few views and reactions there – mainly people thanking us for filming and spreading the word. Some of them even commented here. I also got a few reactions on my Facebook and Twitter spaces after posting the video – people comparing the turnout in Birmingham with the one in London, Dresden and Sofia, as well as engaging in discussion why this is so – is it a media black out / change of values in society etc.

I personally think the SOPA / PIPA / ACTA issue is very painful for people in Germany and Eastern Europe, because these are countries which were affected by totalitarian regimes and media censorship; the people have a fresh memory of those times and don’t want to see it come back in the internet era. Internet has always been a synonym for freedom and communication, and people want to keep it that way.


3 thoughts on “Protesting ACTA – documentary task for #creativact

  1. well. I guess 4 ppl were British. so it makes it more than EE ppl πŸ˜€
    anywas, thanks for filming it. even with only 7 of us, we did good job. about 200 leaflets was given away. also ppl wanted to talk to us about it.


    • I didn’t actually hear everyone talking, so yeah I might have been wrong to say it was all EE πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for talking to us guys, and thumbs up for being persistent on this issue! People need to know about ACTA!


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