NUFilm Productions – Nokia Short shot list and storyboard

Initial story outline

A director is sitting on a chair reading a script. A mime comes along, trying on parts of the director’s costume – hat, etc. and trying to impress the director – playing out different scenes and characters, showing off as an actor.

In the end, it becomes clear the director is actually the cleaner – he puts the hat and script down, gets a broom / mop from outside of shot and leaves the scene.

Scene breakdown / shot list

  1. (2 sec) Close up of script, behind someone with a hat.
  2. (1 sec) Mime comes in to the spotlight.
  3. (1 sec) Mime waves and smiles to person with hat (director).
  4. (2 sec) Director looks at mime; no reaction – looks back at script.
  5. (2 sec) Mime takes director’s hat and puts it on her head.
  6. (1 sec) Director is annoyed but still more interested in script
  7. (3 sec) Mime acts out a scene / trick with the hat on.
  8. (1 sec) Director: no reaction.
  9. (3 sec) Mime: disappointed, walks to director and puts his hat back on.
  10. (2 sec) Mime walks away.
  11. (3 sec) Director looks at watch, puts script and hat down on the chair.
  12. (2 sec) Director takes a broom from out of shot and leaves the scene.

Total: 24 seconds of action on screen.


Storyboard - Nokia Short

(click image for full size; I hope you get the idea even if the storyboardist, ie. me, can’t draw)

I think the hat is becoming central to our narrative, almost becoming the third character.

Set scheme


(click image for full size)

I’m hoping we’ll be able to use room 110 in the Media building, it is a black rehearsal room which I think would be the perfect location for our set.


Any thoughts?

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