NUFilm Productions – plan for the Nokia Short assignment

Our last Facebook meeting lasted about 90 minutes. We discussed and brainstormed all kinds of aspects around the Nokia Short project, and after the discussion was over, I put together the key details that were decided or need to be decided upon. Here are my notes.

Nokia Short pre-production meeting notes

Filming and Editing day: Tuesday 24 January. Everyone busy all over the week so aiming to be as productive as possible and finish off on Tuesday.
If Bex is available, fit the schedule with her; 11ish should be the latest we start.
Production group: NUFilm Productions
Production title: ??
Length: 15 to 30 seconds
Deadline: to be uploaded and ready for screening by Thursday 26 January (so the night before really)
Location: The Dome, Ellen Terry. Backup location – TV studio?
Bekki to check with Bex re: TV studio and helping out
Rumi to check Dome re: power sockets and availability
Everyone to check access and availability of JVC cameras
To be decided: people in charge of the booking.
To be decided: times of filming and booking (depending on location availability)

Technical details:

Filming on a JVC camera, booking one camera + SD Cards (2), XLR cable, Rifle mic and Headphones for sound; sound is not a focus.
Booking Dedo lights and power extensions, probably two sets of lights, card reader.
Rumi to bring along external HDD for editing
Make sure we finish filming before 4 pm so we can return equipment and start editing
Ideally finish editing on the day, or at least have a rough cut.


A director is sitting on a chair reading a script. A mime comes along, trying on parts of the director’s costume – hat, etc. and trying to impress the director – playing out different scenes and characters, showing off as an actor.
(Idea about the magic tricks got lots, probably won’t be doing magic tricks at all.)
In the end, it becomes clear the director is actually the cleaner – he puts the hat and script down, gets a broom / mop from outside of shot and leaves the scene.


Shophie – the mime
black trousers, black and white striped top, face paint, white gloves, maybe cards
Sophie and Bekki to source the clothes, props and make up for the mime
Seb – the director / cleaner
Dark clothes?, dark glasses, black hat. Cleaning prop – a mop or broomstick.
Seb to source printed script – a few pages in Script layout – best to use an actual script.
Sophie to source dark glasses.
Something with the glasses / hat and cleaner – maybe putting them down when he needs to go back to his cleaning.
Who has an artistic hat?
Any other relevant props welcome.


Bekki – DoP and Creative Director (and probably boom operator)
Rumi – Camera operator and Director
All – lights and set
Rumi to draft shot list / storyboard and timing of scenes
Bekki to research and decide on visual style
Both: think about lighting
Main style of the visuals: black and white + red (cards or another red prop); high contrast.


Software used: Final Cut Pro, at Ellen Terry basement
Rumi to source External drive
Rumi – technical side (file management, exporting, etc) and colour correction
Bekki and Sophie – creative side
Seb – learning to edit 😛
Sophie – sourcing / composing music; cute and playful / magical / jazzy / joky style editable to 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 sec
Sidenote: the music should fit the pacing, or the other way around. So think about how the story progresses when composing, and then we’ll be editing with that in mind.
Initial inspiration for the music and the whole story:
(also a backup option for the soundtrack; it costs $2 to use, we can buy it on the day of editing if we need to)
Also, there’s lots of old style 20’s – 30’s music available for free that we can use
Sophie – if you’re stuck for ideas try for inspiration or even tracks we can use as they are.
Sophie and Rumi: sound and music editing

Maybe create a Vimeo account for our group, as well as blog?
Group blog to be set up on Thursday 19 January


Any thoughts?

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