NUFilm Productions – My ten ideas

Here is my initial list of ideas / drafts, they are more of visual ideas or character concepts really, most of them are not about a story (yet).

  1. Someone terrified by traffic lights – having a difficult / unusual situation to deal with around a busy city
  2. A lost dog’s journey around town
  3. 3 or 4 street musicians in the same area, at different corners etc. – getting to know each other and forming a band in the end
  4. Isolated guy or a girl – she clings to dreams, doesn’t want to go out and stays at home dreaming and daydreaming; dreams are more interesting and colourful than her boring everyday life… something around this
  5. A jet pilot who’s had an accident and can’t fly anymore – mockumentary style maybe?
  6. Someone obsessed with a melody, having hallucinations with it and hearing it all around town / in all sorts of life situations… Maybe at the end the reason is revealed – it has something to do with a recently deceased loved one or sth?
  7. Someone obsessed with running – just a hanging thought really, don’t have a story for this one yet.
  8. A day in the life of… an everyday object, such as a bench in a park, a seat in a cinema, something like that – and as different people come and sit on it, the viewer sees part of their life story / what they are currently up to. Revolving about the beauty, appreciation and little things in life
  9. A story that happens in a cemetery, something that has nothing to do with death or what people usually associate with it, such as a ‘guy meets girl’ but in a cemetery – the London Rd one is worth going to, it’s where I got the inspiration 🙂
  10. A guy living in a busy town, but has created his own imaginary world / kingdom where he’s the King, living in his head and interpreting things that happen around him as if they happened in his world. Not sure if I can explain it properly, it’s that sort of ‘imaginary friend’ naivite we usually see in kids, but turning it on its head and having a grown up person.

Any thoughts?

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