Provoking truths with images. Highlights from the group pool.

Last week we had the task to create a provocative image about an issue we feel strongly about. If you’re curious, you can see my image here. But today, I’d like to highlight other people’s work, things that really provoked me to think.

(not ordered by any criteria)

#creativact by Gailene Pierre

My comment: Wow that is so powerful! Great idea. I love how simple, straightforward and ‘in your face’ this is!
I’d suggest re-scanning it and working a bit with the brightness and contrast, to make it stand out even more – especially for the thumbnail previews.
I’d love to see a big poster with this, I think the black and white treatment would work very well.
Such an inspiring piece!

#creativact by Jack Harris

My comment: This is one of my favourites, awesome idea with the skulls. You don’t even need the text, the image says it all – the door, the posture, we all know what the number 10 stands for, LOVE IT!

#creativact by James Root

My comment: Great idea! I love how it both makes me laugh and at the same time, makes me sad that’s our reality (not as in reality TV). Thumbs up for using that ugly monster!

#creativact by Govinder Singh

My comment: Awesome! I love the ‘underground’ feel of this, and the look in his eyes. Fire, light, this is very good. I hope the text is intentionally blurred, the ‘promise’ or whatever that muppet said is simply irrelevant, that’s how I understand it at least. Thumbs up!

#creativact by Nick Pace

My comment: Too good! I love the satire here.

#creativact by Sarah Wildash

My comment: When I first saw this in the slideshow, it made me shiver. It hurts just looking at the image, that’s how well it works. Really powerful, it makes you ask yourself a million questions, to think about all the people around who are being numbed. The eyes speak to me… Thumbs up for this!


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