Street art and subversive urban communication – Sound tossing

I was largely impressed by the first example. I always enjoy creative and subversive use of commercial spaces, and putting an audio device on the Billa logo is a great example. It is sending a clear message, it can only be heard around the shopping centre (so it works well as a protest against commercialisation etc.), and it is attaching new meaning to the logo. I do have a problem with the next examples though. I don’t agree with putting something as intrusive as an audio device in residential areas, as it would be interpreted more as a bad prank rather than as a protest. It might work, though, in ‘elite’ areas, where people with money and / or power reside.

So what was that again?

Sound Tossing is an alternative type of electronic street art dedicated to activist, artist and protesters. It is the practice of throwing or hanging audio devices (Sound Tossing Tools) up to overhead wires such as power lines or telephone cables. While Sound Tossing Tools are hanging from overhead wires they generate sounds for subversive urban communication.

It is the audio equivalent of graffiti. It is a very clever idea, as sound can be powerful – you can’t ignore it as you might be able to do with some images. You don’t just turn your back to sound – it is everywhere around you, it uses a physical medium (because sound waves move through the air and surrounding objects), and it can create a stronger impact because it works on the subconscious without a strong need for it to be interpreted by the conscious. Creative activism indeed.


Any thoughts?

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