201MC Professional Experience Proposal

I am planning to work on a mix of projects – my part-time job which is related to media production, plus a few of the production groups the University has arranged this year.

One of my main areas of interest is marketing, specifically marketing on the web, with the help of social networks and multimedia content. Since May 2011, I have been working part-time as a creative assistant for Karen Footman. The project we are currently working on, and will be working on for the next few months, is called ‘School for Heroines’ – http://schoolforheroines.com. It is in the area of personal development, which I am deeply interested and personally engaged in. My main role in the project is technical support and content creation. I am fully responsible for the websites we are using, both the back-end (run by the WordPress platform) and the front-end. I prepare texts, images and other content for online publishing, manage mailing lists and campaigns, create banners, set up web pages and control the overall look and feel of all the marketing activities around Karen Footman’s business. I am also responsible for the production of audio-visual and multimedia promotional content. Some of our past productions include four 5-minute green screen studio productions – we intend to re-use and re-edit some of this material in the following months for a new promotional campaign. We have also recently produced three 20-minute ‘chat-show’ style video podcasts, which will be packaged as a standalone product on the website. Other productions include audio interviews and podcasts, which I am producing, recording and editing.

The other type of projects I have started working on were arranged through the University. I have joined the BBC Olympic Videos production group – I am working in Team 1 as Sound operator. We have already filmed our first video – Swimming, which is currently in editing stage. Other sports we will be covering include Wrestling, Athletics, Rhythmic gymnastics, Sailing and Volleyball. I have also joined the ‘WW1 Hut’ project, again as Sound operator. It is a very interesting story around an old hut in Southam, Warwickshire, which the local people are trying to save and restore. Our production group is working on a documentary to help the hut committee in their funding bids, and we are also planning to prepare at least one more short documentary capturing the spirit of the community and the story around the hut. We have done some initial filming on location, where we met with the people and recorded some of their stories, and we will be filming on at least two more days in December.

For both of these projects and for the other projects I have put myself forward for, I will be either working as Sound operator, or Editor. There are two main reasons. First, I am very technical and I am interested in applying my knowledge and developing my skills further, and I have always had a keen interest in sound production. In terms of editing, I like to be the person who polishes and packages the final production; I understand the importance of editing and the impact it can have on a production, and I believe I am good at it. What is more, both Sound operation and Editing are roles that are often overlooked in media projects – most people tend to focus on the visual part of production only. So having and demonstrating a good understanding and keen interest in sound recording and post-production make me a good and valuable team member in productions in these two ‘niche’ roles.


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