Back to Reality–the 4-week Task

Back to reality

It’s great to get back to uni work, after a very long summer break. Especially good when you finally get the chance to go to your designated group and have a specific task to do.

I was very proud and happy with what my group achieved in a very short space of time. Very focused, to the point, inspiring work on brainstorming and thinking our ideas through. Also, asking ourselves very down-to-earth and practical questions, such as ‘How do we market it? Who’s our target audience? How do we monetize it? How do we make it viral? How do we find sponsors? Can we work with brands? Can we use the First Years in our tutorials as a focus group for our pitches?’

Here is what our discussion was about:

We want to try and do something that is unexpected, eg. we’re guessing most groups may decide to shoot a short film and we don’t want to be that straightforward. Ideas included:

  • Health and Safety Mockumentary
    Based on an example of how people turned Health & Safety on its head in a recent TV programme; maybe doing something similar to Brainiac.
  • Music video / Lipdub / Music parody
    Create a music video for a popular (or not that popular) song – something positive and upbeat, possibly funny – and / or tell a story with it
  • A TV show in the style of Top Gear / The Gadget Show
    Talk about a piece of technology / compare (or mock) old and new gadgets; Top Gear for Bikes? Stairs vs. Elevator?
  • Chain reaction video
    Following a few people / a group of people in their daily lives – having a common object that is the link between them, or use a different object for each link
    Example: Person A is walking on the street drinking a soft drink, throws it on the pavement then Person B trips over it and we start following him; then a cyclist passes and the camera starts following him; then he stops at the traffic lights and we start following the pedestrian crossing; then he gives a street musician some change and we start following him etc. – trying to fit the music with the story
    Another version might include following what people are listening to – in someone’s headphones, then someone’s car, then in the café, etc. Maybe using a POV shots?
  • Weirdest traditions / Culture shock
    A mockumentary about different nationalities and their weird traditions; both celebrating and having fun with people’s cultural heritage – again using different music from the respective countries; We could also try and show people from one culture trying to figure out the traditions of another, or trying to dance to their music etc.
  • Funny advert / marketing campaign
    Create an advert about a real or fictional product, that is factual and entertaining – maybe ‘vote for your best chocolate bar / treat / something – web series / viral campaign using social networks (YouTube, Facebook etc.)
  • ‘What goes around comes around’ type of story – Karma / moral
    Tell a story about the consequences of something – or that everything we do can and does influence other people’s lives; technique idea: have the footage play backwards?
  • Autotune a news report or other piece of media
    Inspired by the ‘Bed Intruder’ song

And last, here are some tracks I thought we might use to get us thinking about the music video idea:


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