The art and craft of capturing light

I’ve been taking photographs for the better part of my life. It’s become my second nature, a reflex. Not always great – but every once in a while, a gem would appear in my collection, and start shining with its own light. I like the process – it’s a combination of technology and creative decisions – using your eyes, your brain, your heart and your camera. Putting new meaning to a scene, an object. Or simply playing with light.

Photography is the art of capturing light. That’s how it began – in black and white, using the numerous shades of grey to capture the nuances of life. I personally didn’t start in black and white. But I did start on film.

Learning photography with a film camera is a very special experience. You can’t afford to just shoot hundreds of ‘trial and error’ stills. You need to think. You need to plan, to research. I was more often out with my eyes than with the camera. Framing, measuring light in my mind. I read lots of books about it. Understanding the technology, the way the camera is constructed. You can’t really use a tool creatively if you don’t know how it works. The camera’s mechanism becomes an extension of your hands, your eyes, your soul. You need to know it. You need to feel it. It becomes a second nature. Then you don’t just go through the world – you observe it. You live it. You are there, present, in the moment. Snap! And it’s gone. Did you capture it?


Any thoughts?

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