Top 10 signs our TV studio project is still going nowhere

  1. It is 10 days before deadline and we don’t know what the hell we are doing. Of course, that includes not having a script yet.
  2. Everything happens on Facebook… except it doesn’t. When we meet, we put off things to be decided upon on Facebook. Then no one posts anything for days, or if someone posts, no one reacts.
  3. Everything happens only when everyone is in the group meetings… except it doesn’t. Just before the meeting half the people decide it’s about time they post on Facebook they can’t make it.
  4. When meetings happen with people missing, nothing is decided about how to inform them. Or if something is decided upon, it often doesn’t happen.
  5. When considering ‘Should I go to that group meeting today?’, people see 1, 2, 3 and 4 and decide it is not worth it.
  6. When considering ‘Should I check / post something in the Facebook group?’, people see 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and decide it is not worth it.
  7. The group relies on a democratic model of dealing with work and making decisions – and we certainly don’t have a leader. Which of course has proved unproductive. No one is held accountable for anything.
  8. There are too many of us that are girls. Which doesn’t sound too bad, but leads to endless discussions about some small detail and almost no action about anything. And certainly no clear idea about the big picture.
  9. Bonus challenge: timetables and lecture schedules. The project is supposed to take place at the borderline between two terms. Lectures and workshops are often rescheduled and/or cancelled. Staff are abroad. There has been a constant chain of Easter break and bank holidays for the most part of the project. Which affects the motivation of everyone.
  10. Half the people in the group live away from the University. Considering 1-9, the logical choice is usually: ‘Well, we don’t really do anything specific on those meetings, so it’s not worth it. I’ll just blog my way out of the module and hope I pass.’

7 thoughts on “Top 10 signs our TV studio project is still going nowhere

  1. You have got to admit. That’s really worrying. Why has not one person done anything about it??


    • Yeah… If you see the date, it’s written and posted before we had the script. So it only reflects a particular moment. It does look more promissing after 4 May – but I needed to write this, at least to structure my thoughts.


    • Well you were supposed to be in our group too, Sunil 😛

      There are lists of all the groups on the Creating Impact blog. I don’t think it makes sense to call names though. I only know that I should have gone for the role of Producer and take more charge and responsibility for the project.

      Things are getting better now, but I haven’t had the chance to post an update. As I said, this post only reflects a particular moment from the project timeline.


  2. Well regardless of when it was written it’s not a very nice post, and like you say ‘there was no leader’ why did you not take charge if you thought it was going so badly. Negativity about people isn’t going to help the situation. I wish you had expressed these problems with the group instead of us all having to read about it.


  3. Hi Jenny, thanks for your comment.
    I don’t think I can convince anyone in anything – if I tell you I’ve tried to express my concerns and to take direction (which I indeed tried), would you believe me? I don’t understand why anyone would take my posts personally, and yet it happens. I’m not trying to judge (who am I to do so?) These are simply my observations – sometimes when I feel helpless writing things down helps me better grasp what’s happening. Plus, we’re LEARNING – we’re expected to make mistakes. It’s just that I learn from my mistakes only when I actively think and write about them and analyse the problems. This post is more about my mistakes than anything else – but since it was a group project, we sometimes make group mistakes.
    I haven’t had the chance yet to write a post reflecting more recent events and observations, and I do realise it’s a bit strange to have this one stuck on my homepage. But it’s the only thing I have at the moment.
    I think we all learned a lot from this project – plus, the more mistakes we make now, the less mistakes (I hope) we’ll make next year 🙂


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