Screen design and more: the YouTube Choir

It is funny how from all that project and video are about, I put the focus on the screen design. I do find it a bit too cluttered and busy, it could definitely benefit from some better graphics. Still, it is a very good example of emphasising with the visuals what the video is about. And when you edit together hundreds of small videos that end up as a virtual choir, why not be a bit cheezy but the same time ‘to the point’:

I think there is a lot of humanity in this project. Thousands of people reached out and united towards the same dream, looking in one direction, working together and focusing on a positive idea with a lot of meaning to it. They all share a love of music, sometimes hiding from the people that would make fun of the geeky ‘choir’ singers. The internet has enabled us all to look for and connect to like-minded people, to find our own small or big ‘tribes‘ and become part of them.

The YouTube choir is a project that combines all the benefits of the connected, digital world that is becoming another part of our everyday lives. It is not a different world. It is, maybe, another dimention, but within the same world.


Any thoughts?

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