Once upon a time… Cinderella 2.0: A modern story (rough notes)

[Here are the rough notes plus a quick treatment of the story I wrote for Cinderella 2.0, which I then used to base the A-B Prezi on]

The version I am using for my research and notes:

Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper (France, Charles Perrault)

They need names…

Father: Charles

Step-mother: Gabriella

Step-daughter: Lilly

prince: Patrick

second wife:

built a successful career, control freak, wants to give her daughters the best start in life; wants them to be as successful as her; divorced her first husband who was a millionaire, so got half of his fortune; wanted to marry ‘a normal, good guy’ to help her image as a whole-hearted woman, while in reality she was just pursuing success and wanted to build her public image


humble, warm-hearted, his ex-wife left him because she found a macho man; she escaped with the tough guy to live on an island, and left his ex with the daughter he was taking care of anyway;

second wife:

was too lazy to do any housework and too cheap to hire a maid, so she made her step daughter do all the housework; she also didn’t want to show up in public with the girl, because she made her look old and unattractive; the step-mother didn’t allow the girl to use make up or go to beauty centres, she wasn’t even allowed to use shampoo. Of course, since we know cosmetics are just a mixture of useless chemicals, that didn’t really stop Lilly from being pretty. What is more, Gabriela’s two daughters were using so many different products, that at some point they became allergic to lipstick… Also, they were sleeping in very soft beds, which made their backs hurt, as opposed to Lilly who was sleeping on a hard matress and from all the cleaning was very fit. She was also an early riser, so after making breakfast, she would go for a walk in the morning, while the world was still asleep.

One day, after cleaning the chimney (they did have a fireplace because it was posh), Lilly became so dusty that they called her Cinderwrench. Of course, that was a very very hard name to pronounce, so they had to simplify it to Cinderella. Not to be mistaken with umbrella though.

One day, the CEO of Gabriela’s company decided to host a big charity event to mask the fact the company was doing illegal trade. He also wanted to show his son that there is life outside The World of Warcraft, so he bought a cool set of clothes, made him shave his three-month beard, and it turned out the guy was actually handsome.

Amongst the guests of the event were, of course, Gabriela and her two daughters. It was a red carpet dinner, with lots of celebrities showing support for a cause they weren’t sure what was about, but hey: publicity above all!

So after having spent a week choosing outfits and trying out make up and hair styles, Gabriela’s daughters finally decided it was about time to show up to the dinner three hours after it had started. They didn’t want to admit it publicly, but they both ended up wearing what Cinderella had advised them, since she had a natural feeling for clothing; and even though she didn’t really fancy becoming a stylist, she decided it wouldn’t hurt if she gave it a go with her sisters. After all, they both needed help to look good, so her efforts were welcome.

When the sisters left home, Cinderella started to cry. After all, she was a girl too, and wanted to go to the dinner.

At that point, out of nowhere, the host of Extreme Makeover appeared in front of her door, demanding she let them film in the house and give her a makeover. They were of course looking for a cheap sensation – it was widely known that Gabriela’s step-daughter was not coming to the charity dinner, so they were planning a big mockup episode.

The camera zoomed straight into Cinderella’s crying eyes, focused, and zoomed out only to show her being filmed in a blue screen studio. Of course, that was a way to cut expenses – they would add the background later, and it depended on the type of drugs the set designer was that night what the story was going to be.

It turned out the designer was in a bit nostalgic mode, so he had taken some LSD and had been listening to the Smashing Pumpkins for the better part of the day.

That inspired him to place Cinderella in the middle of a pumpkin garden, and one of the pumpkins was keyframed to merge into a coach. Um, did we say coach? No, train… no… hm… alright, let it be a private limousine then. But make it orange! It is still unknown why the limo driver looked like a rat, but some sources argue he had been involved with a recent unsuccessful experiment with four Ninja Turtles named after famous artists.

And then, voíla: the show’s stylist came right on time before the final take. He burned her old clothes and dressed her in vintage haute couture gold and silver clothes and jewellery. Of course, the last detail were the shoes: made out of high class crystal glass, designed by Carrie Bradshaw’s personal shoe designer. How did they afford these expensive props? Well, you know there is a whole shoes and clothes renting industry, don’t you? That’s how!

And then the host told Cinderella she could go to the dinner, but only if she left before the clock strikes twelve. After all, the clothes and shoes had only been rented out for one day, and it finished at 23:59. So if she didn’t come back, the crew would need to go to the dinner themselves and take the clothes from her. Which would be a bit embarassing, wouldn’t it?


Any thoughts?

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