Thom Yorke mashups. From ‘Lotus Flower’ to ‘Single Ladies’

This week, Radiohead released their new video ‘Lotus Flower’. It features vocalist Thom Yorke dancing in a peculiar manner. Apparently, it was choreographed – by Wayne McGregor. The official Radiohead YouTube account lists the other credits as well:

Video for ‘Lotus Flower’ from The King of Limbs

Produced and Directed by Garth Jennings
Choreographed by Wayne McGregor
Director of Photography – Nick Wood
Editor – Leila Sarraf

Personally, I was first impressed by the clean black and white aesthetics, the long sequences with a static camera, the simple but effective set design and lighting; I also like the song. Some other things to mention, I suppose, are Thom’s greasy hair and sweaty shirt.

Here is the video in all its beauty and confusion:

For the last two days, ‘Thom Yorke’ and ‘Lotus Flower’ have been trending topics on Twitter. Obviously, the simple fact a band as popular, controversial and inspirational as Radiohead is releasing something new provokes a lot of interest in itself. But I think Thom Yorke’s dance moves are amplifying the effect.

Although the video has only been out for a couple of days, there are already dozens of mashups. Here are the ones that I found most interesting and worth listing:

Tribal rhythm

Un Rayo de Sol


Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat

The dancing fool chiropractor

Fast forward

Single Ladies

See more on YouTube »

What? It’s Saturday 🙂


Any thoughts?

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