My name is Content

[Originally written in December 2009]

My name is Content. I’m the book you read, the music you love, the photo of your friend or just a tiny sketch. I document thoughts and emotions, events and dreams. I document life.

If something happens, I’m the one to tell you. If you need information, I’m the one to guide you. I’m the rhythm of you life.

You saw the news today? It was me. You read a tiny ad? Me again. I communicate with you. I inform you. I entertain you. I even fool you. I’m everywhere you go, I’m everything you see and hear. And my home is media.

Media is not just your TV screen. It’s not the camera or mic, it’s not the cable or satellite. Media is where I am King. I tell you something and you listen. I show you something and you look.

I depend on context. I depend on inspiration. I depend on you.


Any thoughts?

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