You know you are studying Media Production when…

  1. WordPress is your new home. You don’t think – you blog.
  2. You can get away with using your phone for an assignment because you are using ‘new media’.
  3. Lectures can’t happen if WordPress or YouTube are down.
  4. You can spell Lorensbergs even though you have no idea why the Media Loan Shop is called like that.
  5. You never use the Avid room because there is no internet connection there.
  6. You keep renewing the only book from the library you ever thought you’d need for the course. But still haven’t read it.
  7. Before hand-in days, everyone else in the library is writing essays and reports, reading books and preparing PowerPoint slideshows. You are watching YouTube videos and analysing them.
  8. You burn a CD with your 1-page HTML website but don’t need to hand in your video work – you just give the YouTube link.
  9. You used to remix things for fun, and loved it. But stopped doing it, because it’s now called ‘work’.
  10. You can’t watch a film anymore without thinking about camera angles and editing.
  11. Every time you see something on TV, you try to rewrite the scenes in your head.
  12. They teach you step by step how to use the internet, but you are still not quite sure how to set up a camera.
  13. YouTube used to mean entartainment. Now it means work.

Did I miss anything? 🙂


3 thoughts on “You know you are studying Media Production when…

  1. Nice blog. Sounds like there are some pros and some cons to being a media production student.
    I am studying global communications and my homework recently has been to create a Twitter account and watch YouTube (because I totally didn’t do that already; wink, wink).


    • Haha you mean generally just ‘watch YouTube’? 😀 Hilarious!
      To be honest, the pros to studying Media Production are much more than the cons 🙂
      And I think the best part is that each of us students has a totally different background before coming to the course – some are internet freaks, some musicians, some camera operators or photographers, some people are very good with sound, etc. + add the international aspect to it (I am a Bulgarian in the UK, and in the course there are at least 10 different nationalities 🙂 )
      It is very inspiring!


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