My Poetic Eyes – writing poetry process

From my research into pop music, one of the songs I left out kept playing in my head for much longer than any other:

Faithless – ‘I Want More’

More. The key word was more.

Throughout the day, various lines of text kept popping into my head with the word more. I started writing them down on a piece of paper, so that I can get them out of my head and focus on what I was doing at the time.

At some point, so many of these lines started coming out, I had to focus entirely on them. I ended up with more than 80 lines, some of them connected with a rhyme, some coming in pairs, some with variations…

Poetic lines

But it was still very unstructured and random. So I cut the sheet of paper into single lines and mixed them:

Cutting lines

I had numbered the lines, so that I can still keep the initial order in case I needed it. Some of them were good couplets. And it was also worth doing so that when I do combine two lines, I would know whether I have come up with them in a pair.

The good thing about how my brain works is that I like rhythm. From listening, playing, composing and remixing music, it has become part of the way I think, so most of the lines had a natural link which made the combining easier.

I decided to take chances, and rather than selecting line after line, I put them in a box without a lid and started shaking it – when a line of text flew out, I tried to find a place for it.

I ended up with a few clusters of lines and text, as well as a few ‘wrapping-up’ lines, but the piece still lacked structure.

So I decided to be more harsh – to put away the ‘specific’ lines and keep the ‘conceptual’ ones, while rearranging and combining the clusters. It helped me focus on the structure and the main ideas.

Then I noticed the pace wasn’t right – it was gradually developing from something very plain to a very epic, hysterical end. I didn’t want that. I wanted my piece to have a strong point, but the end to be less self explainatory.

So after a lot of mixing and reordering, I ended up with this:

The finished poem

More numbers and signs keep distracting the minds.
Pay less and click more; it makes you happy – I’m sure.

More taking and giving, more send and receiving;
More digital mess – more’s the best we can get.

More speed and more power, more miles per hour.
More cars and more streets, more steel and concrete.

‘I want more’, the man screamed, ‘I want more of everything!’

More laughter, more humour; more gossip and rumours.
More content, more choice, more clutter and noise.

More confusion and anger; more depression and danger.
More problems, more stress – more everyday mess.

No thoughts and no feelings; no sense and no meaning.
More friends, but less trust; second life and fake world.

‘I want more’, the man said. More – isn’t it great?

(read more about the idea in my next post)


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