My Poetic Eyes – finished poem

More numbers and signs keep distracting the minds.
Pay less and click more; it makes you happy – I’m sure.

More taking and giving, more send and receiving;
More digital mess – more’s the best we can get.

More speed and more power, more miles per hour.
More cars and more streets, more steel and concrete.

‘I want more’, the man screamed, ‘I want more of everything!’

More laughter, more humour; more gossip and rumours.
More content, more choice, more clutter and noise.

More confusion and anger; more depression and danger.
More problems, more stress – more everyday mess.

No thoughts and no feelings; no sense and no meaning.
More friends, but less trust; second life and fake world.

‘I want more’, the man said. More – isn’t it great?

Overproduction, overconsumption, overpopulation, mindless ‘growth’, constant increase and accelleration of everything – it turned out to be such a strong concern in my mind, that it found its way in the poem in which I initially intended to cover other problems.

my initial idea | the process of writing the poem

I think greed is a natural mechanism connected with fear of scarcity. It has resulted in humanity escaping from its own nature, scraping natural selection so that it never has to suffer scarcity. The thing is, we do all the time; but this expectation that we’d never have it in our lives, makes our reaction to scarcity too bad – it’s a natural thing!

Even if some people don’t ‘own’ enough, they want to look like they do – so they use loans and credit, or buy fakes of expensive originals, buy into the idea of status and significance, primarily through materialism.

And since in real life, things always try to balance each other, excess of one thing leads to scarcity of another; the more one has, the less someone else is left with. There is no constant ‘growth’ in nature – you take from a place to add to another one; but the sum always stays the same.


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