Sound mix inspiration – Orbital

Call me old fashioned, but I still listen to Orbital every once in a while.

I was first introduced to their music around 7-8 years ago when a CD with their music somehow appeared in my dad’s collection and I gave it a listen. This was the period when I was myself experimenting with editing, remixing and producing music tracks, so after listening to Orbital, I got inspired to dig deeper.

Have a listen to this track; note all the different sounds used, the transitions, loops and samples… Phone signals, broken glass, deep base and high pitched frequencies… If you listen to it with headphones on, panning and stereo effects are quite interesting as well.

This track never gained much popularity; a lot of Orbital fans have never heard of it. It is not their best track (personal opinion), but for me it is one of the most interesting examples of sound design.


Any thoughts?

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