My Poetic Eyes – rough notes

There is one big theme that occurs in my research and general interest over and over again: business, money and the current state of the world economy. It is one of my biggest concerns, along with people’s way of treating each other. But the overall theme about business, making money, and the way people (and corporations) justify things and ‘business decisions’, that just don’t feel right.

So in my Poetic Eyes project, I intend to focus on abuse of power and businesses neglecting people’s rights on the grounds of greed. The corporate machines that, in search for bigger profit, ruin the environment, as well as local communities.

Some of the keywords from my initial brainstorming:

money, Fordism, abuse of power, greed, manipulation, desinformation, misinformation, Bernays, factories, pollution, corporation, politics, materialism, consumerism…

the ‘creative’ part of it:

maybe some acapella and/or sample sounds like The Art of Noise (‘Opus 4’), looping and resampling the voiceover.

stock footage from reports about polluted water, soil and air; people affected by pollution and diseases; factories and landfills, IT waste… mashing it all up with polished adverts of consumer products to create a juxtaposition

Obviously I will need to find a focus in all this mess, because I can’t (and shouldn’t) say everything in one minute of poetry and footage.


One thought on “My Poetic Eyes – rough notes

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