Editing inspiration: Timelapse and music videos

(If the videos don’t load, please click on them to go and see them on Vimeo or YouTube… lots of labels are restricting embedding.)

TimeScapes: Rapture

Yesterday I stumbled upon this beautiful video – TimeScapes teaser:

The video was edited in almost perfect sync with the music, emphasising on the rhythm and dynamics. It shows the merging of photography with cinematography – it suits the purpose perfectly, with all the beautiful timelapse sequences and night sky shots. I love the meteors that were caught in some of the shots. I can even recognize some constellations. The quality and detail in the video are mindblowing. The balloons (both the day and the night time shots) and the landing zeppelin scenes…
Magnificent work.

Alien Ant Farm: Attitude

Another video that was beautifully shot and edited (and is also the video for one of my favourite songs) is Alient Ant Farm’s ‘Attitude’:

There is something very photographic and personal to this one. I love the style of every single shot. The fast cuts and light effects, focus pulls… I wish I had made this video.

Justin Timberlake: What Goes Around… Comes Around

Here is another music video that is closer to a short film – Justin Timberlake’s ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around’:

It uses many cinematic techniques (even the titles). The blurring focus and changes of DOF create a very interesting effect. It is also worth noticing how the sound was edited. The video tells at least three stories (part of the main narrative) with parallel editing and flashbacks.

Jamie Cullum: Don’t Stop the Music

Jamie Cullum – ‘Don’t Stop the Music’. This is a great jazzy cover of Rihanna’s song – with a wonderful video. Jamie actually graduated from a film school, so he is kind of a colleague of ours 🙂 A very talented one.

The video itself is very arty and stylish. They sacrificed a piano to make it – using timelapse techniques to change the perspective. The result is a beautiful sequence of flying keys and strings. The video’s main colours are black and white (matching the piano’s style), with a lot of fades to white or black.

Owl City: Fireflies

This one takes us back to our children years… Very cute and interesting video. They have included words to emphasise on the lyrics in a pretty creative way. Owl City – ‘Fireflies’:

Mixing long shots and close ups helps us focus on certain details, as well as identify ourselves with the toys. Because of the perspective used, and the overall style of the video, you inevitably start to feel like a kid 🙂 Another video that uses rhythmic editing in line with the song rhythm. A kid’s bedroom turns into a wonderland just with simple lighting effects and editing. The first part of the video is slow-paced, and as it progresses, the cuts become faster, with shaking camera and more lighting effects, creating tension.

Depeche Mode: Freelove

And last, but not least, Depeche Mode – ‘Freelove’:

This video includes a lot of panning and slow motion footage. Simple, everyday scenes look beautiful just because of the editing. I love the last shot with the car driving in circles around the kissing couple.

Here’s some useful insight into editing workflow from someone who is actually doing it (while I’m still just getting inspired).

What Goes Around…Comes Around

Any thoughts?

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