People to People. Time for Plan B

Unfortunately, the Somalian guy didn’t call me, so since I don’t have his number or any other form of communication (I was only able to give him my number before his bus came), I will have to find another person to try and approach and (hopefully) talk them into telling their story in front of a camera.

What I learned from Plan A:

  • It is not enough to give your contact details and hope to receive a call.
  • Do not bring up filming before you get to know the person. Cameras scare people (heck, they even scare me; what was I thinking?).
  • The main thing we need to do here is connect with the person and build trust. This is the hard part. Filming comes next.

So I guess this leaves me where I started. I do have some subjects in mind, and I will keep my eyes open in the next couple of days, trying to approach another person.


2 thoughts on “People to People. Time for Plan B

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