6 thoughts on “Attempt at a personal branding – logo banner

  1. Thank you, James 🙂 I try to keep it simple here in the blog, especially when it comes to design. I think that makes the content stand out.

    РУМИ is read [rumi], and here is my full name: РУМЕНА [rumena].

    In Bulgarian, the spelling of the word (not only names – everything) usually matches what is heard. If you’ve been learning German, it is similar there as well.

    If you notice, most of these letters resemble English letters – this is because the Latin and Greek alphabet were used as a basis for the most of modern European languages. Still, the Bulgarian (or Cyrilic) alphabet is closer to the Greek one – which is worth checking out as well, with all its peculiar and beautiful characters.

    I was thinking about writing a blog post about the Bulgarian alphabet with examples of transcription and pronunciation – do you think anyone would find it interesting and/or worth reading?


    • Thank you, Mez 🙂 I spent more time choosing a font that didn’t look too cluttered than making the actual desing, and I ended up with something as obvious as Tahoma – it looks great in Bulgarian, especially for short words.


  2. Love it.
    My perfect option if it the text area was a bit wider, but it is still very nice, clean and simplistic.
    Good one dear. 🙂


    • Yes, now that you said it, I noticed there isn’t enough spacing between the small letters and the edges of the big ones. It looks like it will need to be redesigned a bit 🙂 Thank you so much for the feedback!


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