The Ultimate Guide to TV News Reports, BBC Style

Standard news report visual language, recognisable to anyone.

It starts with an establishing shot of a significant location.

Next: walkie-talkie preamble from the author, pacing steadily towards the lens, punctuating every other sentence with a hand gesture, before coming to a halt and posing a question: What comes next?

Filler shot, designed to give your eye something to look at, while the voice babbles on about facts, sometimes little slow down to a halt, turn monochrome and some of those facts would appear one by one on the screen.

This is followed by the obligatory shots of overweight people with their faces framed out.

Next: vox pops.

Another bit of dull visual abstraction to plug another gap.

Then: a person explaining how he’s been affected by the issue.

Next: an animated chart, a silhouette representing an average family, and a lighthouse keeper being beheaded by a laser beam 😀

End of the report: illustrative shots of pedestrians and signs, and then: the final summary, accompanied by a rise sign off.
Funny AND educational – my favourite combination 🙂


Any thoughts?

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