1000 blog hits. Now what?

Blog Statistics 27 Oct - 09 Dec 2010

Blog Statistics 27 Oct - 09 Dec 2010

Wow I didn’t expect that much attention. Really appreciated πŸ™‚

But something is still missing…

Comments Stats

Comments Statistics

Oh yes. That’s not really 16. 16 including the trackbacks which are automatically generated when I link between posts; and also including my comments in reply to the readers’ comments; and also including my first spam comment pointing to some cute blog of a girl singing Lady GaGa songs πŸ™‚

The real number of comments is: 6

Am I doing something wrong? I know your time is precious, but I would love to hear some feedback. Fanmail? Hatemail? You have the word.


3 thoughts on “1000 blog hits. Now what?

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  2. Not really.
    In my experience over 7 years of blogging different kinds of blogging receive different kind of treatment. I am going to sum them up here.
    1. Monologue – this is the type of posts in which the person comments on stuff.
    – They are either too bland and unoriginal and people simply pass the moment of commenting, because… well the posts are bland and you don’t feel interested in contributing in the section.

    – But on the other hand if the regular views are high, it means that this is not the case.
    In the second scenario, the posts are good, interesting, even awesome… but you have nothing to add and you simply enjoy what you have read. Because it is considered bad taste to leave comments “good” and “I like it”, most people simply add the blog to their reader of favourites and continue further. This is especially true for blog in topics which are somehow specific or/and require extended knowledge in some field, like yours. It is useful but you can’t contribute with anything because you will either sound stupid or because you genuinely can’t think of hat to say/
    Also, it takes around an year for a blog to kick off.

    2. Dialogue
    – Usually the good monologue very, very gradual turns into a dialogue. It takes years actually to acquire strong readership who will engage in discussions.
    – The other dialogue that is vastly popular is “know-it-all” variety. This person blogs about everything and have opinions on everything. Also they do not shy of presenting their opinons as somehow expert. Especially if the topics are wildly popular or the position is very, very broad, simple and massive. That’s a sure chance for having hundred of comments and being read by many, many people. Unfortunately this means that the blog is bland (in most times) or that the texts posted there are simply eye-roll inducing.

    3. Reviewers
    They are a special kind because they combine “expert opinion” and “specific knowledge”. It depends on the skills of the reviewer. It also depends on the stuff of the blogger is reviewing and the language that is used as well.

    4. Attention
    Out there some people write simply in the name of being read. Not because they have something in particular to say, but because they lounge the attention. These could be “dear diary” or “facebook-esque” kind of comments and posts.

    So now… you continue writing. This is a journey and people are getting more and more engaged and slowly, they will start talking to you.
    Good job so far. You write interesting, honest, your style is entertaining, the knowledge presented is understandable and makes people think about what you have written. Comments are not that important especially since in many of your posts they are not discussions but selfmusing and ideas which you have thought about. In rturn we start thinking about these things and think about our personal views on those topics. Many of those are complicated and hard so if you receive comments, they will be in the future when people have cleared their opinions. Or… not, because thinking for more than 10 seconds in a row could be quite exhausting for some people. πŸ˜‰


    • Wow that was unexpected! Very cool sum up, thank you πŸ™‚ That post was, as many in this blog are, representative just for the exact moment I wrote it πŸ™‚ I don’t believe I’ve made any point with it anymore, plus if you read the pingback, this post here was a symptom I’m doing thing A but expecting results as if I was doing B. Comes to show it takes a LOOONG way to go from ‘hm, I’m sensing something here is not right’ to ‘Ahaaa THAT’s what was wrong, now let’s dig deeper!’

      The results of having a blog are what I would expect from my type of blogging and presenting these topics – I have good uni marks (definitely result of the blogging), a few people have reached out to discuss similar things like I do (both in terms of uni and in general), and… writing is like therapy to me πŸ™‚ Turns out I’m not doing it for the attention as much (even though it’s definitely part of the equasion) but more for my own self πŸ™‚ So it’s all good.


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