Art of Noise – Music research

I came across a pretty interesting act:

Focus on the first 1:30 minutes – it’s an a capella / beatbox song – all the harmony is made using female voices. It’s an amazing experiment, and when they add a piano, the whole performance starts to sound even more unique.

This group was called ‘Art of Noise’ – a British avant-garde synthpop group formed in London in 1983. They didn’t just create music – they created soundscapes. Art of Noise developed quite a distinctive style of their own and paved the way for lots of pop/electronic artists.

Here is another quite interesting piece. It’s called ‘The Holy Egoism of Genius’. It was part of the conceptual album ‘The Seduction of Claude Debussy’, and this particular track uses a popular Debussy composition called ‘Sarabande’.

Although the piece might sound a bit aggressive, especially in this live version, if you listen to it in the context of the album, it fits very well. The album itself is a beautiful mixture of drum and bass, jazz, hip-hop, experimental electronic beats combined with female opera voices, a film-style narrator and bits of Debussy’s compositions. It is described as ‘the soundtrack to a film that wasn’t made about the life of Claude Debussy’. The whole album can be heard here:

All the group’s members have long been fascinated about Claude Debussy‘s music – it is one of the most famous and historically important French composers, an impressionist who worked at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. He was a big influence to a wide range of musicians, including popular jazz artists and motion picture composers.

Here is a short presentation of the ‘Art of Noise’ and ‘The Seduction of Claude Debussy’ project:



Any thoughts?

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