Momentum. A show for the media

This picture struck me:

Protesters or photographers?

A protester in the NUS march against tuition fees smashes a window while numerous journalists are filming him. Image courtesy of the BBC (click image for source)

Can you see the overwhealming majority of photographers and journalists? I sure can. In fact, that’s almost all I can see here.

It looks like it is a show for the media. No fellow protesters around him cheering up or being part of what he’s doing. It’s a dance, a flirt with the cameras. You want attention? Go smash a window. Have a fire in the background. Some protesters as well.. it’s always good to have an excuse, a proper context.

Imagine this is not a street in London. Imagine this is a theatre scene. The main character, the people in the first lines, and all the others wanna-be actors in the cheap seats in the back. I’m pretty sure he feels like that. Not sure about the others though. They just went out to express their beliefs. His show was not part of the plan. But now it’s part of the story. The main part. It’s not about them and their beliefs anymore – he smashed their beliefs to have his momentum. So convenient – the media needs exactly that. The media feeds on momentum. And they get it.

Anyone still remember what the demonstration was about?


Any thoughts?

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