Reflection – Developing meaning and Creating a character

The Cabinet of Curiousities

It is easy to say ‘Everyone collects’. When I first found out I needed to organize a collection in my Cabinet of Curiosities, I didn’t know what to do. I don’t really think I collect anything. At all. Especially physical objects. Actually, I think people’s obsession with owning stuff is causing a lot more problems than it’s solving.

So I was challenged to try and understand the concept of the Cabinet. What is a Cabinet? Why does one need to have such a collection? What is it trying to express and show? Is it a thing you do for yourself, or do you do it for a specific audience? Do you feel the need to do it, or you do it because everyone else is doing it as well?

As our lecturer Clifton Stewart pointed out in his lecture, ‘Collections can tell us a great deal about the person who owned them‘, they were ‘more than collecions on one single subject‘. A collection is a means of expression for the person who assembles it, like an internal need to express their individuality, their interests and even achievements. As such, it usually also has a target audience – people don’t just collect because they want these objects around themselves – they design the collections so that they can show them to their family and friends, or whoever they feel might be interested in them as a collector.

So a Cabinet is just another medium. Exactly like this blog. A blog is a modern Cabinet – someone’s personal space to collect and reflect on impressions, someone’s own medium to share thoughts.

A blog, a Cabinet, can be a starting point to get to know a person, a character, or even invent a new one. That was our next tast: in groups, to assemble a new Cabinet from artefacts from our own lives, and to invent a character based on these objects.

Various aspects of a character:

  • it defines who the person is
  • stereotypes
  • family
  • background
  • role in society
  • optimist/pessimist
  • ego
  • evolution of character
  • who you think you are or who other people think you are

Creating a Fictional Character – The Ginger

From the seminar: Probably the most important aspect of creating a character:


Without conflict, there is no drama.

Our thoughts and mindmap on the term ‘Creativity‘:

Creativity - mindmap

Creativity - mindmap


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