Reflection – Media diary

Looking at my Media diary for the last three days it is clear that most of my media consumption and interaction happens in front of a computer. Another observation is that I don’t need a specific computer workstation – as long as I have a browser, it’s more than enough – I can do 90+ % of whatever I am doing online, on any computer.

TV is totally absent from my life. For the last 3+ years I’ve been living without one, not missing it a bit. Everything I need to know or watch can be easily found online.

Print is also rare to be seen. I do enjoy magazines, but in these three days I didn’t have anything particular to read.

Even with almost no TV and print consumption, the way that media work today allows anyone to use only one platform but still have access to all the information they need. All media are now interconnected, with web pages featured in TV and radio reports, TV series available online and links of all sort constantly being exchanged from one platform to another.

Back to the media diary, half of my music consumption involves sharing music with friends, and actually DJ’ing for them. I constantly find myself sending link after link to fit the previous song I’ve shared or reflect what we are talking about. Also, whenever I meet someone new, one of the first things I ask is about their music taste.

Another observation that can be made from looking at my Media diary: I am interested in marketing and distribution of digital content, and I try to read marketing, economic and sociological articles about the subject regularly.

Email and Skype chats are another big part of my online life. Email is my online repository – some people are using RSS readers etc., but my subscriptions are delivered directly to my email inbox. And Skype is where most of my friends and family are – scattered in various contries and continents, but somehow connected in the little chat window.

This diary makes a good representation of how much and how I normally consume media. I have been in front of the computer for the last 10 years, so most of what has shaped me as a person has something to do with computers and the internet.

What surprises me though is the constant presence of old music in my daily playlist. Although I am often listening to new music, usually underground and experimental artists, a big part of what I listen to are the same old songs I’ve discovered at the age of 15.

When looking at my media diary, a person who doesn’t know me could think I am an internet-addict, and would probably be right. If this media diary belonged to someone living 10 years ago, it would’ve probably had more TV and radio and less internet browsing. It would include more daily shows, with some newspaper analyses and magazine cover stories. And if a person who lived 100 years ago was making a media diary, it would include only print media, as in the 1910’s the radio still wasn’t in commercial use.


Any thoughts?

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