Reflection – Recording Professional Development

As Steve Dawkins pointed out, not more than 1/5 of all graduates from our course will find jobs within the media industry. This means that, first, we’ll all be competing for the same small number of jobs, and second, the more professional approach we have, and the more early we start acting professional, the more chances we’ll have to have a decent career.

So how do you start being professional and how do you improve yourself?

Mindmap: Brainstorm all you can think of about Professional for 1 minute.

My mindmap: Professional

  • polite
  • confident
  • punctual
  • accurate
  • friendly
  • helpful
  • social
  • positive
  • reflective
  • good attitude
  • strict
  • innovative
  • inspirational
  • creative
  • intelligent
  • smart
  • reasonable

Additional entries from Linda from class:

  • reliable
  • timekeeping
  • disciplined
  • team worker

The most important aspect of being professional (for me and Linda): being disciplined

Additional entries after the class brainstorming:

  • competency
  • determination
  • passion
  • persona
  • adaptivity
  • focus
  • experience
  • innovation
  • compromise

Keywords for becoming a professional:

  • Understanding
  • Contextualisation
  • Creativity
  • Research & Development
  • Technical skills
  • Reflection

Mindmap: Reflection

  • analysis
  • evaluation
  • judgement
  • improvement
  • change of point of view

Additional key points:

  • feedback
  • critisism
  • honesty
  • explaining why
  • self-assessment
  • understanding
  • focused thought – way of learning

=> Reflection is a process.

Most students fail because of bad understanding of reflexive writing.

What I learned this week:

  • Reflection is vital.
  • Procrastination is a bad habit.
  • Team work is tough.

Any thoughts?

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