What the course is actually about

The course is all about learning by doing – which is by far the best I can think of if you want to learn to produce media pieces and artefacts. Of course, in the process of learning and doing, failure is inevitable – but hopefully we will learn from this experience. And actually, you learn more from failure than from success. What is more, if you just succeed you rarely look back and analyse the situation, what you did well and what not, while if you fail it’s more than obvious things need to be reconsidered.

It seems to me that half of the course’s goal is personal development with the help of media skills. Because, in order to produce media, you need to have something to say with it, you need to have a clear voice, a point of view, strong opinions or at least a wide horizon.

Feedback is vital for media production. It is a continuous loop of producing, getting feedback, responding, reflecting, producing, getting feedback,…

Since “Uncertainty is the new normal”, as our tutor Steve Dawkins pointed out, it’s in our interest to develop the widest possible range of competencies and skills within the media domain. There is no more a secure straightforward way into professional career – every one of us will have to find a way to cope with the situation in order to be a sustainable producer.


Any thoughts?

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